Blog #3

The last twelve months have been busy. I’ve turned in two novels, The Long Sunset featuring Priscilla and a missing star; and Blame It On the Aliens, an Alex and Chase mystery, both to be released by Saga. Also, I’ve put together a story collection, A Voice in the Night, which will be published in August by Subterranean. So now I’m looking at the next project. Most people who write fiction will probably admit that the most serious challenge they face when they go to work is not the actual day-to-day writing, but is rather pinning down the concept that will form the center of the narrative. Come up with that, and the rest is comparatively easy. Back in the nineties, Ursula LeGuin and Michael

Blog #2

My early years were marked by scientific advances. My mom told stories about her family’s first radio. In the middle of the war, the first jet planes showed up. Followed by atomic weapons. Four years later a television set arrived at a neighbor’s house. All the kids on the street gathered there regularly to watch wrestling, The Lone Ranger, and Tom Corbett. During my high school years, I watched on TV while we tested hydrogen bombs. In 1957 the Russians put Yuri Gagarin in orbit. I remember seeing the satellite one evening cross the sky over Philadelphia. Meantime, cars appeared that didn’t need stick shifts. We switched from a coal-fired furnace to one that was powered by electricity. It wa

Blog #1

Reports recently released show evidence of life on Earth 200 million years earlier than we had previously believed. The conclusion drawn from the discovery is that life is consequently more likely than we’d expected, and therefore that we may well be living in a crowded universe. Connect that with warnings from Stephen Hawking and other scientists that we’d be smart to cut down all the broadcasts that are signaling our presence to potential invaders. They have a point. There may well be intelligent crustaceans out there who would like nothing better than enjoying a few million humans for breakfast. But fortunately for us, it would be a long walk for them to get here. The technology to cross