Blog #10

We think of ourselves as an intelligent species. And with good reason. We developed means to reproduce spoken words on paper. We figured out that, despite appearances, we live on a world that circles the sun. We’ve gotten pretty good at treating disease. We’ve learned that the Earth is millions of years old. And we know now that we are a product of evolution. Super telescopes provide close-up views of other stars, we’ve begun to put together an understanding of quantum mechanics, the British invented comedy, we can transmit messages across oceans, and we’ve walked on the Moon. We are still alive despite the fact that we live in a potentially lethal reality, filled with earthquakes, hurricane

Blog #9

Hutch makes her eighth long-form appearance in The Long Sunset. When she showed up in 1995 in The Engines of God, I had no expectation that she’d be back. In fact, my original plan for the novel used a veteran starship captain who was also a male for the role. But it didn't feel right. Captain Abel Blanchard, who’d been around the horn a few times and was a no-nonsense guy, was the first candidate. He generated some electricity, but not enough that I thought he’d capture the attention of readers. Or maybe power up my own generators. I considered a couple of other candidates, including Mark Tucker, who was not very big but came armed with a sense of humor that would probably have gotten him a