Blog #17

The ultimate science fiction wonder, that our universe is only one in a multiple chain of universes, that it exploded into existence billions of years ago, has been evolving and expanding ever since, and will ultimately collapse, initiating another explosion giving birth to a new universe which then proceeds through the same cycle, may be true. In a paper recently released, Daniel An of the New York Maritime College, Krzysztof Meissner of the University of Warsaw, and Roger Penrose of Oxford University claim that black holes in a dying universe emit radiation which is capable of surviving through the next eruption. This is the faint radiation, the Cosmic Microwave Background, or CMB, which


The history of the sun that we grew up with was fairly dull, as we all know. Four and a half billion years ago, it was nothing more than a cloud of leftover dust and atoms from an earlier set of stars. Those stars collapsed and exploded into dust and debris. A cloud formed and gradually the particles were drawn together and our sun was born. A million or so years later, we would have begun to see asteroids. And in another million, we might have become aware that planets were forming. And voila! Here we are. If award-winning Rebecca Boyle has it right in the June issue of The Scientific American, that’s not quite the way it happened. The current evidence provides a more intriguing story. Whe

Blog #15

I’ve always suspected that my passion for science fiction evolved from Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. My dad took me to the local theater, the Bell, on Saturdays to watch those dizzying rocket ships take the heroes in pursuit of Killer Kane and Ming the Merciless. I was four years old at the time. A lot has happened since then. The Japanese hit Pearl Harbor, somebody invented the jet plane, we began watching the Phillies on TV, and polio disappeared after a vaccine was developed. The Russians put Yuri Gagarin in orbit, and I realized I’d live long enough to see us land on Mars. In 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin arrived on the moon. Things seemed to be happening so quickly that it made m