Blog #19

Wedding vows, well into this century, still usually required the bride to state that she would “love, honor, and obey her husband, until death do them part.” But the world is changing. It feels as if we are currently living through another period like the Civil Rights Era. During my brief time teaching U.S. history, students were surprised to learn that women did not acquire the right to vote until 1920, after nearly a century of struggle. When I was in grade school back in the forties, our teachers (who were women) made it clear that women should not work or pursue a career. Their responsibilities were to have children and maintain the home. During my teen years, our family physician was ro

Blog #18

September 16, 2018 Times of stress inevitably signal the value of friends, especially when you have no family within reach. There probably isn’t much that demonstrates this more vividly than our reaction to an approaching hurricane. Watching people explain why they are remaining in the path of Florence, described by the media as the hurricane of a lifetime, was painful. Especially when it was coming from people with little kids. The reason most commonly given was that it simply cost too much to leave. Others explained that they hated the heavy traffic. And a few that they had pets. “It’s okay,” they were saying. “We’ll be fine.” The TV weather people were predicting that the hurricane might