Blog #21

Denver’s MileHiCon celebrated its 50th anniversary two weekends ago by inviting the author GoH’s from the previous cons to join the party. All but a handful made it. Participants included Paolo Bacigalupi, Steven Brust, Jane Lindskold, Robert Sawyer, Michael Swanwick, James Van Pelt, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Connie Willis, and a host of others. I was there in 2002, which was a convention I will never forget. The high point came when I met and had an opportunity to talk with Nichelle Nichols. Rose Beetem has been running the operation for a long time. She has shown a consistent talent for putting together intriguing panels and handling the other details. Rose, I should mention, is retiring from h


Watching people trying to survive the current rush of hurricanes has been depressing. When we got back home after evacuating Irma last September, we were fortunate. No property damage. The only issue we had to deal with was a loss of power for several days. We spent much of that time wondering how people had managed before they had electricity. We more or less take electrical power for granted. Suddenly our refrigerator didn’t work. Neither did the cooling system or the lights. Nor the TV. Take that stuff away, and the house becomes dark and silent. I remember my mom years ago describing how excited her family had gotten when the first radio showed up in their house. It was about 1920. It’s