Blog #26

I’ve mentioned before that people at SF conventions or simply attending luncheons or in classrooms tend to get annoyed if a speaker suggests that the UFO stories were probably fabricated and that no, it’s unlikely we’ve ever had any visits by aliens at any time in the recent past. By ‘recent,’ I’m suggesting since the rise of western civilization. And that’s likely well north of reality. It’s doubtful any human has ever seen a flying saucer. Ever. It’s hard to say why we seem so desperately to want to entertain visitors. I recently finished a conversation between Chase Kolpath and Gabe Benedict on the subject. They live nine thousand years from now, have access to a pretty decent starship, a

Blog #25

We take a lot for granted. There’s usually a grocery store within range. If necessary we can ride over in a car. On a highway. Living in Georgia is possible mostly because of air conditioning. We also have doctors, electric lights, and chocolate ice cream. And books. What would life be like if there were no books? The printing press was invented in the middle of the 15th century by Johannes Gutenberg. I’d be hard-pressed to name any human being anywhere who has made a larger contribution. There’s nothing more helpful on a rainy day than a good book. Lately I’ve especially enjoyed a few that I’d like to identify. Heart of a Patriot, how I found the courage to survive Vietnam , Walter Reed, a