Blog #28

Writing careers, like those of teachers, embody serious rewards but also require major investments in time and effort. And that’s not only in the actual performance on the computer, putting 110,000 words together into a narrative. Writers also face long nights in which they stare through a window at the moon while they struggle to compose a plotline that works. But the rewards are limitless. There’s a sense of contributing something worthwhile to the lives of readers. An argument could be made that the same thing is true of everyone who holds down a job. But if you sell shows, no matter how good the shows feel, it’s unlikely anyone ever comes back and gushes about how great the footwear is.

Blog #27

Saga Press released Gregory Benford’s latest novel, Rewrite, shortly before the end of the year. Charlie Moment, a history professor whose life is going nowhere, opens the action by cruising through a red light into the path of an oncoming truck, and he is gone. Not dead, actually. He awakes in his childhood home , sixteen again. Everything is as he remembers it, his parents of the time, his old friends, and Woodrow Wilson High School. What he does not know is that he hasn’t simply returned to the past; he’s in an alternate universe. And there is no requirement to relive his life as he had. He can change things. Okay. I know this sounds like a fantasy, which will turn off those of us with a