Blog #39

Astronomy Magazine has a cover story: life on other worlds could be more diverse than on Earth. I haven’t gotten my copy yet so I’m not sure what they mean by ‘diverse.’ It’s hard to imagine a world with more life forms and more variations than we have. But it might just be that my imagination is also getting old. I was able to track down a brief description of the article. A denser atmosphere could apparently have a major impact. As could longer days, caused of course by slower rotation. The result would be that more nutrients would be collected from ocean bottoms, brought to the surface, and drawn into the atmosphere and made available to whatever life forms are in the neighborhood. It’s a


My last blog mentioned Gregory MacAllister, the journalist who appeared in several of the Academy novels. I should have added that Mac is the viewpoint character in “Breaking News,” a short story that has been picked up for the first all-color issue of Amazing Stories. An interstellar returns from an exploratory mission. During its approach, it reports a discovery that will surprise everyone, but they will save the details. Shortly afterward, they change the story: No discovery, no surprises. Nothing hostile out there, they say. Nothing to be afraid of. And no discovery. They were just misunderstood. No way Mac is going to let that slip away. But to get at the truth, he will need an assist f