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Blog #17

The ultimate science fiction wonder, that our universe is only one in a multiple chain of universes, that it exploded into existence billions of years ago, has been evolving and expanding ever since, and will ultimately collapse, initiating another explosion giving birth to a new universe which then proceeds through the same cycle, may be true. In a paper recently released, Daniel An of the New York Maritime College, Krzysztof Meissner of the University of Warsaw, and Roger Penrose of Oxford University claim that black holes in a dying universe emit radiation which is capable of surviving through the next eruption.

This is the faint radiation, the Cosmic Microwave Background, or CMB, which exists throughout the universe. Also known as Hawking radiation, the CMB, is believed to tie universes together in an unending chain. Details can be found at:


If this is true, the universe that preceded ours evolved from the one that preceded it. And so on back into, if not infinity, at least a very long time, with minor changes occurring over hundreds of billions of years. It implies that time has no beginning, that we live in an infinite universe. Hard to believe. But maybe we do. If so, we are looking at another dilemma: How did we get to September 2018 if we had no place to start?

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