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Coming out in August 2018 - A Voice in the Night a collection ofJack McDevitt, published by Subterranean Press


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Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Stories Inspired by Microsoft is an anthology of short stories written by some of today's greatest science fiction authors. These visionary stories explore prediction science, quantum computing, real-time translation, machine learning, and much more. The contributing authors were inspired by inside access to leading-edge work, including in-person visits to Microsoft's research labs, to craft new works that predict the near-future of technology and examine its complex relationship to our core humanity.

Authors:  Elizabeth Bear · Greg Bear · David Brin · Nancy Kress · Ann Leckie · Jack McDevitt · Seanan McGuire · Robert J. Sawyer

The collection also includes a short graphic novel by Blue Delliquanti and Michele Rosenthal, and original illustrations by Joey Camacho.

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Publisher of Historical Trading Cards that commemorate the popular culture of our times

The Hercules Text was  released in May 2015

Coming Home Available

"Jack McDevitt can be seen as one of the leading heirs of Asimov working today"

 ---Paul Di Filippo, Review of Coming Home, Asimov's

"If you've never read a Jack McDevitt novel, Starhawk would be a great place to start. And if you've enjoyed past McDevitt novels, you won't be disappointed with this one."  --Drew Davis, Jesup Press Sentinel


"Another fine outing from Jack....One of Jack's most "human" stories. Highly recommended." ---Jeff Kooistra, Goodreads

"Action-packed" ---Florida Times Union

"Fascinating story with exceptionally well written characters and extremely believable world-building....They are what some heroes in other novels can only aspire to be."

---My Shelf Confessions

"The story line in this nothing short of incredible." ---The BiblioSanctum

"Starhawk provides a truth for Priscilla Hutchins, and it provides a fantastic science fiction adventure for the rest of us."

--Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show

"A sneakily interesting book, deliberately mixing the ordinary (women's basketball; maternal nagging to marry and settle down; middle-age romance) with the exotic (sunless rogue planets; mysterious alien artifacts; sabotage)."


UK Covers

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..."If you read "The Cassandra Project " in LightSpeed and think you know how it ends, you are likely to be surprised...

A sheer pleasure...Gave me that sense of wonder that attracted me to science fiction in the first place..."

---Jaime Todd Rubin

"A well-written ride through all sorts of back-door deals and hidden secrets...I had a great "ah-ha" moment or two as Resnick and McDevitt rewrote history in a way that doesn't conflict with what we think we know."

---Florida Times Union

...Be warned to get comfortable before opening the book. You could put it down at some point, but why on earth would you want to?"

---Booklist (starred review)

...More than just a science fiction novel...a credible mystery with just enough historical influence to make you think___wait, this could really have happened?

I devoured it in less than a day.

---SF Revu

Occasionally I'll stumble across a gem. The Cassandra Project falls into the latter category...I highly recommend this one.

---SF Crowsnest

... The societal questions it raises were just as entertaining as the science fiction element. Enjoy the stay for the Is-There-a Conspiracy-or-Isn't-There fun, but also enjoy it for the ...glimpse of the next decade that McDevitt and Resnick have created.

---James Floyd Kelly (Geekdad)

...Near future sf thriller should appeal to a wide audience...

...Library Journal (starred review)

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The Lifeboat Foundation will award a prize for best off-world SF either novel or short form over the last two years. Prize will be awarded the weekend of June 14th, 2013. There are seven finalists. Three of them are from Going Interstellar. They are Michael Bishop's "Twenty Lights to 'The Land of Snow'," Ben Bova's "A Country for Old Men," and my story "Lucy."

...Stories focusing on the technologies of human space colonization feel detached and inhuman...Stories focusing on the human domain of space colonization can feel like a copout, ignoring the massive technical issues....combining both elements to make a story that feels technically realistic but does not "lose" humanity is a tall order... Many of the stories in Going Interstellar fill that order. And, as a bonus, the volume includes a number of exciting and clarifying popular-science essays on the technology needed for dispersing humanity from earth.

...Scientific American

Exploration and discovery are alive and well...Eight short stories and four nonfiction articles, all based on the best current physics ideas for travel between the stars.


...A fascinating anthology of stories and papers that keeps the science fiction dream alive.

...Sacramento/San Francisco Book Review

Alex Benedict at sixteen...

The Other Half of the Sky

an anthology edited by Athena Andreadis (Click Image for more info)

"Fearless writing and a broad selection of topics makes this a good choice for fans of woman-centered sf and excellent storytelling."---Library Journal

Firebird nominated for the 2012 Nebula.

"If you love reading good sci-fi; and you haven't read a Jack McDevitt book, you're really missing out." ---Wired

Firebird is a real page turner and strongly recommended.

--San Fransisco/Sacramento Book Review

The Benedict stories are really more who dunits set in a star-faring future than space opera. Though I enjoy both of these forms quite well, this thoughtful armchair exploration is every bit as enjoyable, or maybe even more so.

--SF Revu

McDevitt's sixth far-future mystery featuring Alex and Chase delivers a complex and attention-grabbing puzzle that should please fans.

--Library Journal

With Firebird, McDevitt again puts a human face on the pursuit of scientific discovery and shows us that he can thrill us, touch us and make us think ---all at the same time.

--Jesup Press Sentinel

Alex Benedict's antique business --and the series' plot machines-- require a deep history full of mysteries, anomalies, and vanishings,and outside the living rooms and offices and cafes, out beyond the orbital docks in the galactic deeps, there are marvels and monsters and Mystery, so maybe a cozy and familiar foreground is a necessary part of the formula. I know it doesn't keep me from coming back for more.


Echo Nebula Award Nominee

"Benedict is a thoroughly likable protagonist, and McDevitt imagines the far future with precision and believability.The author's fans and lovers of SF mystery/adventure should enjoy this polished addition to a popular series."

---Library Journal

"Surprises packed inside surprises....effective and moving SF."


"An intriguing and clever mystery incorporating all the best parts of space travel, and a puzzle that kept me guessing right up to the final moment. Fans of either genre will approve, and enjoy this blend of science fiction and detective story."

---Fresh Fiction

"Intricately complex... an intriguing look at mankind's future."

---Night Owl Sci-Fi

"20 years from now reviewers will be comparing other writers to McDevitt....This book is highly recommended and sure to be a joy to all who read it."

---SF Review

"I've found another reason to look forward to the autumn: the release of a new Jack Mc Devitt novel. If you've been looking forward to another of Mc Devitt's captivating combinations of big ideas and life-threatening dangers, you'll find that Echo was worth the wait."

---The Press-Sentinel (Jesup, GA)

"Highly recommended. But then I always say that about McDevitt's books."


"A superb action thriller."

---Genre Go Round Review

Time Travelers Never Die

"An entertaining romp through past and future, ringing in new changes on the genre. A good, fast readthat leaves you thinking."

---Joe Haldeman, author of Starbound

"[A] witty, charming, yearning novel that puts a new twist on time travel. A first-rate work by one of the true masters of the genre. Enjoy!"

---Robert J. Sawyer, the Hugo Award-winning author of WWW:Wonder

"Believable and realistic...a powerful story full of mystery, romance, and surprises."

---Ben Bova, author of Leviathans of Jupiter

"McDevitt has come up with a new use for a time machine: bringing history to life---and a rollickingadventure with a dash of comedy."

---James Gunn, author of Gift from the Stars

"A masterpiece of storytelling and exploration of the paradoxes of time travel."


Shel and his friend Dave Dryden, a language expert, search for Shel's father in Galileo's Italy, Selma during the civil rights marches and other famous times and places. Realizing that time resists paradoxes and history can't be changed, the two friends seize the opportunity to live enriching, truly humane lives from Thermopylae to a few minutes in the future…. Ingeniously handles a tricky denouement….

---Publishers Weekly

Jack McDevitt has a well-deserved reputation for writing beautifully extrapolated interplanetary and interstellar narratives, but he can do nigh on to anything. Witness Time Travelers Never Die, a novel that romps across dozens of fascinating human eras -- from Socrates in Athens, Greece, to John Lewis and others in Selma, Alabama -- with great panache and a high degree of wizardly credibility. He also manages to tell several intensely human stories that will touch your heart as well as your intellect.

-- Michael Bishop

"Jack McDevitt hits a home run with this witty, charming, yearning novel that puts a new twist on time travel. You can't help but be captivated by Shel and Dave's Excellent Adventure. A first-rate work by one of the true masters of the genre. Enjoy!"
--Robert Sawyer

The Engines of God

U.S Version

German Version

Engines of God

Art by Bob Eggleton

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