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Blog #51

Neil DeGrasse Tyson published Letters from an Astrophysicist last year. It’s a collection of questions and comments posed to Tyson by readers. The questions ask about a wide range of subjects:

‘Does scientific advance sometimes do more harm than good?’

‘Is there scientific evidence for the existence of God?’

‘Might there be portals to alternate universes?’

‘Is there any evidence that human beings, when they die, go on to another life?’

‘Why are we here?’

‘Are there actually any psychics?’


Tyson responds with alacrity while keeping both feet on the ground. The book is an easy read, filled with insights. For example, he discusses the odds against any of us being born. Aside from the likelihood our parents would never even meet, the chances against all the genes connecting exactly in the right order are astronomical.


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