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Blog #67

I owe a thank you to the cast and crew of the starship Farragut. The current issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Nov-Dec, is carrying a story suggested by several of the people who have contributed over the years to keep Star Trek alive. Farragut Films is a fan-based project in Kingsland, GA. For details:

The productions created by Farragut leave nothing behind. Anyone who misses the legendary series will get a ton of pleasure from watching these shows.

During the seminar, one of the issues that surfaced was whether FTL travel was really physically impossible. Or if it was simply so difficult to resolve the problems associated with it, we would eventually just give up. Would we be watching science fiction TV shows in fifty or a hundred years that featured climate eruptions, astronauts stranded on the Moon, and procedures that reversed the aging process, but from which interstellar vehicles would be missing?

I came out of that seminar and talked about it with Dan Scanlan and Ray Tesi, both long-time supporters of the program. The result of all the back-and-forth is “Return to Glory,” in Asimov’s, which suggests there may be a future that would make us all happy, and takes a look at where the credit might belong.

I should clarify: the seminar was not the primary force that drove the story idea. It was also the sheer power of the adventures portrayed by the Enterprise, the Enterprise D, the Farragut, and other fictional starships. Fictional, let us hope, for the moment.

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