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Blog #69

Two days ago, we lost a giant. Ben Bova died of a combination of Coronavirus 19, pneumonia, and a stroke. During his long career, he won multiple awards, replaced John Campbell as editor of Analog, wrote 120 science-related and science fiction books, and had connections with a range of corporations that contributed technology to our space travel efforts. He was an advisor for a number of SF TV shows and films. And he served as President Emeritus of the National Space Society, and President of SFWA.

Ben was a good friend. I spent time with him at cons. Periodically we did email exchanges. And sometimes I tracked him down for advice. I’ve done fictional visits to Moonbase and got most of the details I needed from his book, Welcome to Moonbase, published in 1987.

He wrote on a wide range of topics. I especially enjoyed The Grand Tour novels. And the Sam Gunn stories, which should be still available in The Sam Gunn Omnibus, published by Tor in 2007.

There are a number of superbly talented writers in the field. But Ben was unique, one of a kind.

I miss him already.

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