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Blog #69

Two days ago, we lost a giant. Ben Bova died of a combination of Coronavirus 19, pneumonia, and a stroke. During his long career, he won multiple awards, replaced John Campbell as editor of Analog, wrote 120 science-related and science fiction books, and had connections with a range of corporations that contributed technology to our space travel efforts. He was an advisor for a number of SF TV shows and films. And he served as President Emeritus of the National Space Society, and President of SFWA.

Ben was a good friend. I spent time with him at cons. Periodically we did email exchanges. And sometimes I tracked him down for advice. I’ve done fictional visits to Moonbase and got most of the details I needed from his book, Welcome to Moonbase, published in 1987.

He wrote on a wide range of topics. I especially enjoyed The Grand Tour novels. And the Sam Gunn stories, which should be still available in The Sam Gunn Omnibus, published by Tor in 2007.

There are a number of superbly talented writers in the field. But Ben was unique, one of a kind.

I miss him already.

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Brian Coleman
Brian Coleman
Dec 08, 2020

Hi Jack! I just saw your blog post about Merry. I am so sorry for your loss. I will share a memory of Merry - back when I was still in Brunswick and probably still in high school, Chris and I took Merry for a short drive around the block in that white Honda you guys had. She really, really loved some hard rock song that Chris would play for her. I can't remember the specific song, but she really got a kick out of it. Wishing you, Maureen, Scott and Chris all the best. You guys are truly wonderful people. 2020 has been hard on everyone, but it sounds like it has been particularly rough for you gu…

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