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Blog #61

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Black Lives Matter. It shouldn't come as a shock to us that all lives matter. Generally we define the primary principle of the Enlightenment in terms of our recognition that all human beings are equal in their basic rights. Imagine how much better the world would be if we recognized each other as friends, as brothers and sisters and family. To fail in that is to qualify as biased and ignorant.

John Lewis, sadly, has passed on. I couldn't help thinking about him today. When I was writing Time Travelers Never Die, and Dave and Shel traveled to the Edmund Pettis Bridge on Bloody Sunday, I thought about having them try to intervene, to warn John Lewis and his fellow Freedom Riders of what was coming and try to persuade them to stay clear. I decided not to. The protesters would not back off and Dave and Shel knew that. Any of us who have paid attention since knew it. Any of us who were listening to the Freedom Riders’ comments at the time knew it. And we are fortunate they did not back off.

It's been asked about the World War II veterans, 'Where did we get such men?' I would add 'and Women?' And we might ask the same question about the people who joined the efforts during the sixties to bring justice --and enlightenment-- to the United States.

It’s not entirely here yet. But it’s coming.

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