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To purchase autographed copies of Jack McDevitt's books 


Copies of The Long Sunset are now Available!

All books are Hardcovers

Octavia Gone $27.99

The Long Sunset $27.99

Coming Home  $25.95

​The Cassandra Project (Signed by Jack) $25.95

Time Travelers Never Die:$24.95


Omega: $23.95

The Devil's Eye: $24.95 

Cauldron $24.95

Odyssey $24.95

Echo $24.95


Chindi: $22.95 

Moonfall   $24.00

UK Edition:$22.00

US Edition: $22.00 

Signed or inscribed: 
Please advise how you want the book signed.

Please include $6.00 per volume for shipping and handling


Check/money order to:

Cryptic, Inc. 
540 Sunset Blvd. 
Brunswick, GA 31525.
PayPal also Accepted, email for more info
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